Corporate Orders & Clients

Standard Price List

At Country Food Services we acknowledge that every clients challenges are different which therefore means their needs are different. Taking this into consideration, we tailor our prices directly to our clients needs. This is why at Country Food Services no two price lists for our clients are the same. If you are interested in a price comparison, we invite you to take a look at our Commercial Brochure at your pleasure.

Tailored Wholesale Butcher Prices

However we do advise, since price lists should be tailored to your needs, to contact us directly and take full advantage of our tailor made prices. As soon as you let us know your average weekly meat requirements, we can instruct our admin staff to develop a price list for you, saving you time and money for your group.

Corporate Clients Please Contact us now to obtain a quote!

Our Clients

The past decade has been a great success for Country Food Services. Our continued expansion and significant customer base growth has been as a result of our exceptional customer service, reliability and optimum quality produce. With 100’s of long-term business clients, across both the public & private sectors, our continued commitment to delivering above and beyond has put Country Food Services on track to outperform its 2013/14 financial goals.

Group Wholesale Butcher Clients

If there is one thing that we are known for, it is our ability to respond to fresh meat orders for large restaurant groups. Currently our collaboration with several national organisations. One is for a client who is now one of the largest national restaurant groups, recently nominated as winner of the Certificate of excellence 2013 and Best Restaurant in Manchester 2013. Renowned for its rapid fame in the United Kingdom, it is the quality of thier meat supplies that have assisted this large client group to gain recognition so fast.

With a large group of highly qualified, industry skilled butchers, using Country Food Services has allowed them to achieve precise meat cutting specifications in order to ensure the tradition of every dish is maintained. In addition, our in-house EC approved preparation has given the group increased control over its meat preparation and added quality assurance over the finished product. Finally, our free 6-day operating, next day delivery option has streamlined the group’s purchasing, cut distribution costs and given its board of management added convenience throughout the supply chain. Such a strong bond between the two of our establishments has set them on target to achieve circa £4.5 million.

Blue Chip Clients

Country Food Services also has good reputation with a number of large blue chip companies, an element proved through our strong relationship with the UKs fastest growing provider of online solutions for the food and hospitality industry. Our selection as nominated meat supplier for this large blue chip company has been due to our EC preparation facility, our industry knowledge and our efficient logistics. This large clients success has solely been attributed to building effective supplier relationships and stringently assessing and accrediting them, success that has led them to achieving revenue of circa 40 million.

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