About Us

Why Us

We are specialist Meat OnlineMeat Online Butchers, based in Manchester. We pride ourselves on excellent customer service and our legendary meat quality. During the preparation process, we select only 100% premium quality meats and prepare them for packaging. 

                                  We transport our products in top quality chilled packages. These boxes                                      ensure your meats are maintained at optimal quality during their journey to you.Meat Online

We transport our products in top quality chilled packages. These boxes ensure your meats are maintained at optimal quality during their journey to you.

We guarantee next day delivery, if your order is placed before 12:00Meat Online Noon, after which we immediately process your meats to deliver them to your door – next day!

Our Meat Online EC Approved Supply Chain

There is nothing more important to us than the quality of your fresh meat. To ensure your meat supplies reach your customers as they should, we guarantee quality is sustained throughout the entire supply chain by enforcing the following stringent quality assurance process.

Meat Online Supply Chain

Our quality assurance begins with our supply chain. To be certain our supplies are of the highest quality, we are only permitted to buy off nominated suppliers that have full health & safety accreditation and abide by our strict ‘standard expectation’ guidelines. Such process ensures all meat is fully audited and traceable from paddock to plate.

Order Preparation & Quality Checks

With nominated suppliers in place, our admin staff liaise with your chefs and collect all information regarding your meat order. This includes cuts, weights and preparation specifications expected by your group. Once alerted to your order, our skilled butchers collate all of the products needed and initiate quality assurance checks to guarantee only the freshest and highest quality cuts are selected for preparation.

Meat Preparation & Vacuum Sealing

Once selected and assessed, our butchers begin to prepare your meat order to the tailored weight, specification and requirements in our own EC approved facility. Extreme care is taken to ensure all meat is clean of any excess loin, maximising your orders quantity. Once prepared, your meat is weighed, using computerised scales to avoid human error, and then vacuum sealed to extend shelf life.

Traceability & Labelling

Once vacuum sealed, your order is stamped with full meat traceability information. At Country Food Services, we have a full traceability system on all of our products, administered through our computerised system. For example, our beef is labelled with exact slaughter and cut dates and locations, conforming to all EC regulations on beef labelling. Finally, your order is packed into food-grade plastic containers.

Meat Online Loading & Delivery

Finally, we use our crane to carefully load your order into our vehicles to guarantee your meat is packed in the most economical way. Our temperature-controlled vehicles ensure your order remains fresh during the remainder of its journey.

For further information contact us directly.