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Our Quality Online Meat Promise!

There are 1,000’s of Wholesale meat suppliers in the UK, so why pick us as your Online Meat supplier Quality is so much at the heart of the Country Food Services brand, that we have our very own in-house EC approved factory that all of our meat supplies pass through. Prepared only by our most highly skilled butchers, our meat is cut, prepared and vacuum packed to ensure maximum quality, taste and hygiene. And because we are so confident in our service, any quality issues are always rectified immediately… no questions asked!

Variety Online Meat is the Spice of Life!

Country Food Services also has a wealth of variety. Boasting over 190 different selections of both Halal and Non-halal Meats, Country Food Services is sure to meet your weekly requirements. With a whole host of cuts in Beef, Veal, Chicken, Pork, Turkey, Duck, Liver and Seafood, we always tailor-cut to meet your specifications. Even if your need something that is unique to the norm, this is one wholesale meat suppliers that can deliver. Our skilled Butchers have so much experience that they can cut and prepare your meat products just the way you like them.

National Online Meat Next Day Delivery!

With our own fleet of CFS vehicles, we boast the most exceptional distribution process in the North West! Operating 6 days per week, we deliver direct to your business to most areas in the UK. And now with next day delivery, your business will never have to worry about last minute catering issues.

Only Pay What You Should!

With so much on offer, you’re probably expecting we’re one of those wholesale meat suppliers that are priced out of the market. In fact we are one of the most competitively priced wholesale Online Meat suppliers in the industry! We are confident using Country Food Services will not only improve your operation, but also cut unnecessary costs.