Buying From Wholesale Meat Supplier

5 Top Tips When Buying From Wholesale Meat Suppliers

We all know that bulk buying is increasingly becoming the norm and with the tightening of disposable income and increasing ease of access to bulk buy products, its likely to occur in all areas of our life. And dealing with your wholesale meat suppliers are no different. If you’ve got the space in your freezer for all of that meat you may as well buy it right? WRONG! At Country Food Services, we have noticed a real shift in consumer buying, considerably on the meat side. Therefore we have devised a 5 tips to remember when your shopping next time for your meat!

Price VS Quality

We have all heard the phrase before, price is price but quality is quality. You go to the store you see some beautiful Sirloin Steaks or Leg of Lamb for half the price and you instantly buy. Stop for a second and think! Your ‘amazing’ Wholesale Meat Suppliers margin needs to be included in that amazing price right? So if you minus one from the other, do you think that a high quality cut of meat could be purchased for that? Remember high quality comes at a price!

Look for EC Approval

Quality assurance of food is a key trend in the UK at this moment and the Government have made it their pledge to ensure that food in UK receives the harshest quality control checks possible. But how can I be certain the Government have taken initiative on your online wholesale meat suppliers product range? And there are so many accreditations for meat, how can I be sure this standard is high enough. One answer… look for an EC approval label like the one shown above! Wholesale meat suppliers who own their own EC approved premises have been accredited by the Food Standards Agency as a safe, hygienic and strict quality control managed establishment, everything you need.

Meat Traceability?

As well as quality, meat traceability is an extremely hot topic in the meat industry at this moment in time. Traceability, referring to the the ability to trace a finished product right back through the supply chain to production, is an area that a lot of Wholesale Meat Suppliers, particularly those based online, lack greatly in information. Before you purchase from wholesale meat suppliers, make sure you quiz them about their traceability policy!

Quality in all elements

There is nothing worse than buying from Wholesale Meat Supplier who claims to be of top quality but isn’t. But how can you really tell? Easy! Check their website, phone them up and test their customer services and finally make a small test order. Remember a company is top quality throughout, it’s quality doesn’t stop at the meat. So it should be reflected in its staff, its packaging as well as throughout the company.


Finally when considering using online Wholesale Meat Supplier, check out the key benefits that they are offering you as a consumer? Do they deliver right to the door? Do they offer next day delivery? Any offer on first purchases? Remember they need trade from you so use your power as a customer and push.

Happy Buying

Country Food Services

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